When you've chosen a play, mostly all you have to do is send a written application to ALMO and Sabam. For certain plays there are other procedures:

If you want to perform a play of our American repertoire, we have to get the authorisation from the author. Therefore you can send us the  "Request for amateur performances" and as soon as we have received the authorisation, the scripts will be sent out. It might be important to know that the royalty is at least 125,00 euro (excl. BTW) per performance. Current American authors are Edward Albee, Woody Allen, Sam Shepard, J.R. Gurney,..., but one phonecall to ALMO is enough to be sure of his nationality.

The procedure for the French repertoire is slightly different. Before you can buy the scripts, you need to get the authorisation to perform from SACD in Brussels. You can do your application with the documents you find under Downloads at  www.sacd.be 

If you do want to buy the scripts before you get the authorisation to perform, you can fill in the "Amateur request SACD".

Either way, you have to put in an application with Sabam to clear the royalties of the translator.